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About Us

Vision For The Future:

To be the leading provider of complete urban infrastructure analysis and management services to meet the technological needs of the utility industry worldwide.Why GeoAdvice is the key!

At GeoAdvice, our staff is composed entirely of water resources engineers and municipal utility experts dedicated to the use and advancement of hydraulic and hydrologic modeling.

Extensive hydraulic and hydrologic modeling experience
Completion of over 500 models since 2006
Development of several modeling software packages
Training over 3,000 people world-wide
Development of a powerful model tracking tool
Genetic algorithm optimization capabilities
Entire suite of modeling related services:
Model software selection
Model building and update
Model demand allocation
Model calibration and validation
System analysis
Model maintenance and re-calibration
Expertise with relational databases (CAD/GIS, etc.)
GIS integration
Canada, US and EU working experience
Continued development of innovative approaches
Working with you
Outstanding references
Award winning staff
Titanium customer service
Years of training experience
Expert modelers using the latest software

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Sandy de Schaetzen
Werner de Schaetzen